National DeSoto Club (NDC) & Other Resources


Our club is a Chapter of the NDC. There are many chapters and members in the NDC including internationally -- totaling over 1,000. The NDC publishes an award-winning newsletter (DeSoto Adventures), has technical resources and library materials for DeSotos, and provides a yearly calendar and roster for its members. This is an invaluable resource for DeSoto owners! For resources and additional national membership information, please visit the National DeSoto Club website: &

The California Chapter of the NDC started the following list of online video & article files relating to DeSoto, and it gets modified as time goes along:


  • The Last DeSoto by Mac's Motor City Garage:

  • Are modern SUV's really different than a 1946 DeSoto Suburban? August 19, 2020 by Hemmings:


  • A Brief History of DeSoto & Why the Brand Was Cancelled:from Marspeed:

  • 1957 Desoto Built for the Road - Engineering Dealer Promo Film. Why the 1957 DeSoto is SO COOL!

· 1957 Chrysler Dealer Training Film: You're on the Test Track.

· 1953 commercial for DeSoto with air conditioning. Rear-mounted AC for 1953!

· Jay Leno’s conversation with Jonathan Ward. ICON Derelict 1952 Chrysler/DeSoto. Fun!

· 1954 DeSoto Powermaster Wagon ICON Derelict. Jonathan Ward’s latest street rod 1954 DeSoto wagon, inspired by the 52 above. NOT STOCK!

  • 1941 Plymouth-DeSoto Sedan Delivery Barn Find:

  • 1948 DeSoto owned by Bob & Kathy Baer; Bob discusses Fluid Drive at Chrysler Nationals Carlisle PA 2020

· Groucho Marx’s 1957 DeSoto commercial.

· 1950 DeSoto commercial. What a convertible!

· Really bad commercial for DeSoto Plymouth dealers.

· 1936 DeSoto Airflow Demonstration Drive.

· 1953 DeSoto with Self Parking! Is this real?

· Manufacturing the 1937 DeSoto. For the first time, DeSotos had a one-piece stamped steel top!

· 1960 Chrysler Unibody training. Did you know that from 1960 on, Chrysler used unit body construction? It’s wonderful! and

· 47 DeSoto vs. 50 Olds drag race! Pretty sure the DeSoto isn’t stock. It doesn’t sound right.

· Warming up a DeSoto hemi dragster. Sounds good!

· 330 DeSoto vs. 440cid blown Chevy drag race. Who do you think wins?

· Time-Lapse rebuild of Chrysler Firepower Hemi. Watch this before you tear down your 52-57 V8!

(Used by permission of John Boyd, CA Chapter NDC, October 2018. The MD and CA Chapters are not responsible for the content nor endorse any of the active links above. Provided as a research resource for DeSoto aficionados only.)